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22NEWS: Belchertown Business Celebrates 60 Year Anniversary

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – When Erik Gay of Belchertown helped repair a car, at the age of 13, at his grandfather’s garage, he fell in love with the car business.

Erik Gay is now the 3rd generation owner of Don’s Auto service, the Belchertown business celebrating its 60th anniversary by expanding.

Gay told 22News, he’s delighted he chose to keep his grandfather’s legacy alive.

“I worked with my grandfather when I was really young and just enjoyed the business,” Gay said.

“I enjoyed spending time with him and my family, I worked with a lot of family members over the years.”

Gay’s grandfather founded Don’s Auto service in 1957, when he gave up his job selling Hudson cars, which were to become part of automobile history long ago.

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